ABOUT: My name is Katie Michels — that's me in the photos above. I love coming up with phrases, lettering them, and arranging those letters to look really awesome on products. I have a weakness for slow fashion, the Golden Girls theme song, binge watching TV, making messes, and talking in strange voices. On a deeper level, I believe in self love, encouraging others, and calling yourself a babe

Off Switch began as a personal blog, evolved into a quarterly magazine, and in October of 2013 I opened this space to combine my love of paper goods and empowering messages into fun things for your daily life. The true launch of Off Switch as a paper goods company happened in May of 2016 as I debuted over 50 (!) new products at the National Stationery Show in NYC. We're full speed ahead now and consistently launching new work multiple times a year. 

THE NAME: The name Off Switch came from my childhood. My parents would say I didn't have an off switch because I was so talkative (errr annoying?). When it came time to name my business, I wanted to call to mind the energy that living without an off switch evokes. For me personally, Off Switch means living a full life pursuing things that bring me joy. Oh, and the name is just Off Switch ("shop" was added to internet handles because our namesake was already taken). 

MISSION: I believe in you, simple as that. We can do amazing things in this life, and often times all we need is some encouragement, self love, and good humor.

SHORT & SWEET: Off Switch is an online shop selling greeting cards, totes, and more. All products are proudly made in the USA and ship from the western suburbs of Chicago, IL. Off Switch is the creation of Katie Michels. 



Off Switch loves to collaborate with other creative people! If you have an idea for a way to work with us, please email Katie at hello@offswitchshop.com. Looking forward to hearing from you!